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How to get verified on Instagram Simple Method 2022

While using Instagram, you see many accounts with a blue tick on their profiles that indicate Instagram verification. Those verified accounts go through a long process to obtain this Instagram verification. If you also want to Get verified on Instagram, you come to the right place because, in this article, we will discuss all the steps to verify your Instagram account.

What does this verification mean?

Social media verification means the authentication of a public figure, celebrity, or brand. In all social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, tinder, and Instagram, you will see badges with blue ticks that indicate that this account is authentic and verified.

This verification helps us in finding the right person to follow and if you want to get verified on Instagram then you have to go through all the criteria of the Instagram account verification.

Advantages of verified Instagram accounts:

Like in other social media platforms, Instagram also facilitates more verified accounts on it. Verified accounts can attain more followers than other non-verified accounts because they become authentic and people will follow more verified accounts.

Verified accounts can earn more than non-verified accounts because they post great content more audiences engage with them and they can receive more PR packages.

Get Verified On Instagram

Who can get verification over the Instagram account?

If you’re Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok accounts are verified and you attain badges that doesn’t mean your Instagram account will also be easily verified. Anyone can send a request for the verification of their account but Instagram has some terms and policies through which they will select to whom they give badges or not.  

However, there is a question that arises? How would you get to know that you are eligible for Instagram criteria of verification?

Here are all the criteria that you must have to follow to get verified on Instagram:

Authentic: your account should be real, authentic, and represent a real public figure, celebrity, or brand. It must not be a fan page or any other meme page.

Public: your account must be public because a private account has not allowed for verification.

Complete: your profile must be complete as you have a bio, profile picture, and posts on your wall and you must be active on your account.

Unique:  your account must be unique in all aspects like one account per person or business will get verified on Instagram because multiple accounts of the same person or business are not eligible for Instagram verification.

Notable: Likewise, google, highly searched accounts prefer more in Instagram verification. Therefore, your account must be well known and publicly famous so it gets faster Instagram verification than others do.

Although your Facebook page has been verified you still need to apply for Instagram verification that does not depend on a specific number of followers If you can meet these criteria, then you can easily verify your Instagram account.

How to Request Instagram verification

When you can meet the verification criteria then you would have to send the request for the verification.

Here is the method that you have to follow while requesting the verification.

Log into your account, go to the profile page then go to the menu that is in the top right corner.

Click on settings, then choose the account and click on request verification.

Fulfill the required form and then click on send to start the review. Now you have to wait for 30 days for the Instagram response after sending a request for verification. However, it has not confirmed that Instagram will follow your request and verify your account.

Tips to get verified on Instagram:

Keep an eye on impersonator accounts:

Nowadays, there are many fake accounts and fan pages of celebrities, or brands. So it makes it hard to find the real ones but the blue badge help in finding the real ones. So if your account is real than the impersonator’s account then there is more chance to get verified Your verified badge indicates that it is you, only you and the real one.

Actively use your Account

What is the purpose of getting verified if you cannot stay active on your account? You have to stay active on your account because Instagram also checks your active regularity when you send a request for verification You have to post the content daily and do not forget to respond to comments and use relevant hashtags this all will help in engaging your audience.

Do not buy an Instagram Verification Badge

The only authentic way to get Instagram verification is by applying through the Instagram app directly and don’t try to take any shortcut by giving money to someone to buy these verification badges because these all are scams and a waste of money For instance if you go against the Instagram community guidelines then it can remove your account permanently. So, beware of the scammer because no one can provide you verification badge instead of Instagram which does not take any money.

Make your account highly Searched

When you apply for Instagram verification, Instagram will check how important you are and how many people search your name this will help it become notable. So make your account highly searched by the engaging audience and provide authentic and unique content that gathers more traffic on your account. If your account has a high searched volume then this will help in getting verification from Instagram.

Complete Your Profile

First, Instagram analyzes your profile, so, it must be 100% complete. You have to add a well-written bio and a profile photo that represent your business and brand or your public figure.


You must have to meet the criteria of Instagram verification then there is a proper method of applying for the verification badges. Be aware of all kinds of Instagram scammers that cause your Instagram account permanently removed from the platform, because you buy verification badges from them by giving money. Therefore, it goes against the Instagram community guidelines because only Instagram can provide you the verification badges.

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